Unlike other networks, the CENC provides a three-prong approach of support to its members as follows:


  1. Personal Support
  2. Peer Support
  3. Professional


1. Personal Support


The disadvantaged encountered by participants who attend Community Education Centres is unfortunately mirrored by the coordinators who manage and lead such centres. Consequently one of the functions of the CENC is to provide a ‘sacred space’ whereby individual coordinators can experience a real sense of community, of validation and of support.


2. Peer Support


Emanating from this ‘sacred space’ coordinators, by listening to each others experiences and approaches to similar problems, encourages lateral thinking, creativity and a gathering of new ideas together with intra-networking with fellow coordinators.


3. Professional Support


  • Database of facilitators – To provide up-to-date information on facilitators who have been vetted by CENC itself
  • Evaluations - To provide evaluation & certification of courses held in member centres
  • Facilitation support – To provide facilitation support upon request with regard to dedicated thematic workshops
  • Information Exchange - To provide relevant information that impacts on the work of members.
  • Mentoring - To provide 1:1 mentoring support when requested
  • Professional Development - To provide capacity building training relevant to the work of coordinators and their future progression
  • Advocacy - To liaise with funding providers on behalf of the network’s members to ensure that their difficulties are highlighted to key personnel.


4. Training Links Project


  • Training Programme Booklet
  • Evaluation of Introductory Workshops
  • Evaluation of Narrative Inquiry & Narrative Therapy





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