Community Education Network of Crosscare


Crosscare is the social care agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Dublin. Its Community Education Network reflects the principles of the organisation by supporting and valuing community education which operates from the core principles of Empowerment, Equality, Leadership and Celebration.

What is Community Education?

Community Education is a genre of education committed to the two dimensions of education i.e. “to bring forth” and “to make ready for society”.

In practice it empowers its participants to re-engage with themselves in order to facilitate a rediscovery of their own abilities to learn and to embark on alternative progression routes that lead to a more enriched life both on the personal and pragmatic arenas.

Central Objective of the CENC:

The central objective of the CENC is to provide hands-on support to coordinators of centres which provide community education. These centres are located right across the archdiocese of Dublin.
Working from a principle of excellence the CENC works to be as holistic as possible in order to enable its members to be the best that they can be for those they serve.