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Youth Work

Working with young people in the community to help them reach their true potential.
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Food Services

Developing innovative approaches to tackle food poverty and deprivation within the community. More info...

Community Services

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There are a number of different schemes and services available through the HSE. Click the link below to link directly to their webpage. This contains information on the following topics

  • Public Health Nurses – Role and services
  • Home Help – to apply for home help you need to go through your public health nurse.
  • Home Care Packages - Home Care Packages comprise services and supports such as community health nursing, therapy services, home help services and access to both day and respite care provided to enable people, assessed as needing such supports, to return home from an acute hospital or to prevent admission to an acute hospital or long term residential care. You need to contact your local health centre for more information on the availability of these.
  • Training for Carers
  • Medication – advice and pointers for dealing with medication
  • Hospital Charges
  • Drug Payment Scheme
  • Medical Card
  • Long-term illness card


Grants and Schemes:
  • Nursing Home Support Scheme:
    The Nursing Home Support Scheme came into operation on October 27th 2009 and replaced the Nursing Home Subvention.  People going into nursing homes will be able to defer payment for their care until after their death, when the State will be able to recoup up to 15 per cent of the value of their home to cover the cost of their care.  The scheme has no minimum age limit which means that younger adults living in residential institutions for people with disabilities will come under the same rules.  See our October 2009 newsletter for a summary of the main points.
    Nursing Home Support Scheme: A Fair Deal
  •  Seniors Alert
    The Seniors Alert Scheme provides grant support for the supply of equipment to enable older people without sufficient means to continue to live securely in their homes.This scheme is administered by local community and voluntary groups registered with the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs (CDGRA). The purpose of the Scheme is to encourage and assist the community's support for older people by means of a community based grant scheme to improve the security of its older members.
    Seniors Alert - Citizens Information Leaflet

  • Bereavement Grant:
    The Bereavement Grant administered by the Department of Social and Family Affairs is a once-off payment to help with funeral costs. Eligibility is usually based on PRSI contributions and is not related to ability to pay for the funeral. The grant is also paid on the death of a person who has been getting a contributory pension or on the death of their spouse, partner or someone for whom the contributory pensioner would have been getting an Increase for a Qualified Adult.
    Bereavement Grants

  • Supplementary Welfare Allowance:
    Supplementary welfare allowance is a scheme administered by Community Welfare Officers in the HSE on behalf of the Department of Social and Family Affairs. People with low incomes may qualify for an exceptional needs payment which is a single payment to help meet essential, once off, exceptional costs which the person could not reasonably be expected to meet out of their weekly income.
    Community Welfare Services


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