Providing those in need with emergency accomodation while working to find homes. More info...

Youth Work

Working with young people in the community to help them reach their true potential.
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Food Services

Developing innovative approaches to tackle food poverty and deprivation within the community. More info...

Community Services

Providing parish based supports in communities throughout the Dublin Archdiocese. More info...

Programme Aims

  1. The full recognition of the right for Travellers to have their identity and nomadic traditions provided for.
  2. Practical strategies to enable Travellers to participate fully in the life of their local community with the ability to keep their own identity. Integration rather than assimilation is the way forward.
  3. The provision of permanent and transient accommodation for Travellers.
  4. The provision of Traveller education that is fully integrated from early childhood to adult life.

Pursuing these aims, the Traveller programme responds to persistent and emerging needs:

Persistent Needs

  • Raising awareness of lack of accommodation – Mapping developments in accommodation
  • Supporting Change through Education – Celebrating Difference - Intercultural Awareness and Prejudice Reduction

Emerging Needs

  • Supporting Traveller led initiatives – Finglas Traveller Forum, TESO, SMTCA, ITM Legal Unit, TSWG
  • Participation and Partnership – managing interagency initiatives
  • Access to health care – mental health (Suicide Prevention)
  • Integration into local parishes - Pastoral Care Guideines


  • A Mother's Story
  • How To Mind Your Mental Health



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