Our Youth Residential Service, Echlin House, is based in South Circular Road and provides short to medium term residential care for young males between the ages of 12 and 18 years of age, who are experiencing homelessness. It offers accommodation for six young males who may present with high risk behaviours or complex needs. Echlin house is part of the ‘crisis intervention service’ for young people. Young people will be referred by social work teams and allocated a placement through the HSE for short term placements. 

Echlin house focuses on providing stability and a space for crisis which can be resolved in a supportive home like environment. The young person is allocated a key working team with two keyworkers and one case manager. They work together to develop a plan that will give them the opportunity to enhance their personal potential through training and education and put supports in place for any issues that need to be addressed. Each young person is encouraged to participate in a day programme, mainstream school, further training, work or volunteering.

Young people utilise external supports such as counselling, substance misuse support, outdoor and physical activities. Full participation in their supports and their placement plans, is strongly encouraged and promoted through participation in their care plan reviews, case conferences  and in-house meetings. The care staff team encourage the young people to be empowered and have ownership over their care and support. Timeout is now offered through Crosscare house in Wexford for young people resident in Echlin house. Timeout offers young people, who may be at risk of crisis, the space to take time away from their environment and complete intensive work around any presenting issues.

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Crosscare's Aftercare  Service is a non-residential day service working with young people who have lived in care.

The Wellington Centre

This service is located from 26 Upper Wellington Street, Dublin 7.  The aim of our service is to move young people transitioning through care to live as independently as possible and to equip those young people with the skills to sustain their independence. YASS offers the young people a variety of options, inclusive of a wide range of sports, literacy, individual tutoring and life skills.  In a caring and supportive environment, programmes  are delivered that will empower young people to take an active role in deciding their options.  Activities are focused on outcomes connected to a young person’s plan for leaving care.

All young people give a commitment to attend the service according to their identified needs and goals. All young people are provided with structure, support and advocacy. Every young person is assigned a link worker to assist and develop strategies for ongoing support and development. This will include  family support elements. Active participation is a targeted outcome  for all young people who avail of our services. We offer young people programmes of support to support them to address drug/alcohol/ gambling addiction issues.

In early 2014, YASS merged with the Ranelagh Road Residential Aftercare Unit.  A review of how these services can be extended to further to target those who are marginalised or need of support will be undertaken in 2014.

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North Circular Road

North Circular Road is a property sublet by Crosscare on house share arrangement, offering licence agreements to the occupants. The overall aim is to facilitate young people from 18-25 to live in house share that is affordable and sustainable housing option.  The house has an inclusive model accommodating young people who have lived in care alongside young people who have no care history. North circular Road is not a ‘service’, but a private rented property where Crosscare is the landlord.  

North Circular Road is a six bedroom house with a diverse group of young people college students, trainees, workers in addition to those who may be out of work or on full time volunteer placement. There is a caretaker in the house who acts as a liaison person in a voluntary capacity with the manager of Crosscare’s Residential Aftercare Unit/Ranelagh Road. Low support is provided by staff at the Wellington Centre by telephone, if required. Additional support is provided by appropriate services and agreed in advance of moving into the house.

Individuals who wish to self refer must have lived independently without staff assistance for six months or can demonstrate their independence and self reliance. They also must be equipped with appropriate living skills such as money management, coping with day-to-day living, and have an ability to pay rent and bills. Residents have no limit in the length of their stay in North Circular Road.  

North Circular Road is currently at full capacity with a caretaker on-site. It has had positive outcomes for those who have lived there. It has given residents the time and the capacity to develop their independent living skills further and has offered them a living option with support if required. North Circular road hopes to continue its role of housing option with ‘light touch’ support in the coming future.

Empowering  the young care leaver in securing  a positive future.

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We have six services throughout the greater Dublin area for adults experiencing homelessness. We continue to find increasing need for our services. This is made worse by the lack of suitable housing options available to people. During 2016 we provided accomodation to 2,024 people and 125 families in our 6 residences for people experiencing homelessness in the city centre, and Dun Laoghaire. Our Peer Support network, CLAN,  supported 97 people who were formerly homeless to retain their tenancy among other supports.

Our services range from emergency accommodation, short-term housing with support services to help people make the transition to finding and keeping their own home, and permanent housing where Crosscare acts as both the landlord and the support agency.

We are committed to ensuring that every resident has a holistic needs assessment – taking into account their housing, health, welfare and personal needs – and a support plan to help them move out of homelessness . We also strive to ensure that people who are leaving us to move into more long-term housing are linked into the local services, provided either by Crosscare or other agencies. Much of this support is provided by people who have themselves experienced homelessness through peer support.

For the year ahead, will we strive to improve the physical quality of our services, increase the level of specialist supports we offer and continue to connect people to the supports they need after they have left our services.  Information and contact details for each of our adult residential services can be found below.

Amiens Street, Dublin 1

Crosscare Amiens Street Temporary Emergency Accommodation, TEA, is based on 61/62 Amiens Street, Dublin 1.  The service runs 24 hours a day and provides temporary emergency accommodation for males and females over 18 years with low to medium support needs. Residents are assessed in their local authority and placed by the Central Placement Service (CPS) for placement of three months in Amiens Street TEA. Amiens Street targets those that are housing ready, this ensures that the primary aim of their placement is to find suitable sustainable accommodation that caters to their medium to low support needs.  

Amiens Street TEA provides one to one key working support that primarily focuses on sourcing and maintaining a sustainable housing option. A holistic needs assessment is completed followed by a support plan. Once a support plan is in place, the resident will work towards a suitable move on option. Amiens Street has a settlement key worker who specifically works on sourcing housing, attending viewings, completing role-plays with service users and tenancy sustainment groups. Group work is also provided which focuses on addiction supports and a range of independent living skills such as education and training, healthy eating and tenancy sustainment.

Tel: 018014249  

Bentley House, Dun Laoghaire

Bentley House Supported Temporary Accommodation (STA) is a Crosscare housing initiative based in Dun Laoghaire. It was initially set up in 2006 to provide short term accommodation for men and women with low to high support needs, experiencing homelessness who were from the Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown County Council Area. Accommodation is shared and comprises a mixture of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. Residents who are assessed by Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council are allocated a placement in Bentley House STA. Residents of the service present with a broad range of needs including those related to substance use, mental health, relationship breakdowns and young people transitioning out of residential child care.

Tel:(01) 284 5148  

Cedar House, Dublin 1

Cedar House was originally a one night only service that was set up in response to the cold weather initiative in December 2012. This was extended due to the growing need for emergency beds for those who were in need of accommodation.  It was opened as a 24 hour service from April 2014 which now gives 50 service users full support services on 24 hour basis.  The aim of Cedar House is to engage service users who are accessing one night only services through assertive engagement. Assertive engagement aims to source and secure appropriate, sustainable homeless accommodation for frequent users.

Tel: (01) 5523111 

Haven House, Dublin 7

Crosscare Haven House, Supported Temporary Accommodation (STA), is based on Morning Star Avenue. The service is a 24 hour service which provides Supported Temporary Accommodation for six months to individuals who are homeless that present with complex, medium to high support needs.  Residents are assessed by their Local Authority who will recommend a placement through the Central Placement Service and allocated a six month placement in Haven House. Haven House STA targets those who require medium to high levels of care and support, their work aims to stabilise individuals, equip them with the skills to live independently and work toward securing a sustainable suitable housing option.

Tel: (01) 8280800 

St Mary\'s Place, Dublin 7

St Mary\'s is our most recent Supported Temporary Accomodation (STA) service.   This project opened in December 2014 for individuals experiencing homelessness.  The service also operates as a 24 hour service providing Supported Temporary Accommodation for six months to individuals who are homeless that present with complex, medium to high support needs.

Mater Dei Family Hub

This family service opened in July 2017.  The team work hard to ensure that a participatory and peer led culture was established from opening. The service operates from a community approach, in an atmosphere where all residents have the opportunity to be involved. The aim of the service is to move people out of homelessness and into a long term sustainable home and have established connections to maintain their new home.

Crosscare Links and Advice Network

Crosscare Links and Advice Network (CLAN), is a peer-led tenancy sustainment support service, that aims to help ex-Crosscare clients who have exited homelessness services to live independently and to sustain their accommodation.  People who have been homeless or are at risk of homelessness may face a diverse range of issues that can make it difficult to sustain a tenancy. CLAN aims to utilize the expertise of four peer mentors who have gone through services themselves to guide others into successful independent living. Any mistrust is usually quickly dispelled as the peer mentors, who often have first-hand experience of the stigma that can be attached to homelessness, adopt a non-judgmental attitude when working with clients. Furthermore, peer mentors  can draw on their personal experiences to better understand and to provide support to their clients.


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