Clondalkin Youth Service (CYS) is a regional youth service of Crosscare / County Dublin / Dun Laoghaire Education and Training Board.  The youth service’s main base is located on the south side of Clondalkin and operates from five  regional bases.  Full-time youth workers are based out of centres in Deansrath, Bawnogue, Sruleen, Knockmitten and Clondalkin Village.  The youth service offers the young people in Clondalkin a range of services from informal drop in’s and youth cafes, to youth information and more structured programmes like outdoor learning, multi-media projects and personal development programmes.  Young people in 2013 got the opportunity to get involved in a youth exchange with Sunderland Football Club as well as more local projects that included visiting the elderly and fundraising for Crosscare Food Bank.

The youth service also runs summer projects as well as the ‘SWIFT Garda Youth Diversion Project’ (GYDP) that works with young people that have offended.  Common issues among the young people who attend our services include employment and educational needs, issues related to substance use and offending, bullying and a lack of self care.  Many are getting into trouble in their communities because they become involved in anti social behaviour.  The service has expanded over the past two years to include outreach work and has begun to engage with more young people who traditionally never get involved with youth services. 


Lucan Youth Service (LYS) operates from Griffeen Youth Centre in Lucan-Esker. Young people attending LYS in 2013 came mainly from Lucan village, Hillcrest, Esker, Adamstown, Ballyowen, Foxborough and Palmerstown. The aim of LYS is to promote the holistic development of young people and the adults who work with them. LYS provides a youth work response which is based on the principles of inclusivity and equality for all, youth centred voluntary participation, promoting excellence in youth work and providing a safe place for young people within the community.  LYS delivers planned programmes and educational activities that promote the social, personal and lifelong learning and development of the young people. LYS  also offers training, support and information to adults, who work with and for young people. LYS  facilitates a variety of initiatives which reflect the assessed needs, and expressed requirements, of young people and adults within the community.  Examples of the services delivered in 2013 include drop-ins, youth cafés, summer projects, music, dance, outdoor learning, art and training opportunities.


Ronanstown Youth Service (RYS) is based in North Clondalkin and provides a service for the young people, and their families from the Neilstown, Quarryvale and Balgaddy Parishes. RYS provides support thought youth clubs, summer projects and Garda Youth Diversion Projects (GYDPs) to the young people who are in need of a service.  RYS provides quality youth work interventions to over 1,300 young people on a weekly basis, and is open six days a week. The young people who present, often have complex needs including mental health, marginalisation, unemployment issues related to substance use, antisocial and offending behaviour, homelessness, and early school leaving. RYS operates two Garda Youth Diversion Projects (GYDP) GRAFT and VALLEY, which engaged with over a 100 young people in 2013, working with them to divert them away from criminal justice agencies.

Tallaght Travellers

Tallaght Travellers Youth Service (TTYS) provides Travellers with educational supports and training to remain in the education system while valuing their ethnic identity and distinct culture.  Tallaght Traveller Youth Service aims to provide members of the Travelling community with educational and developmental opportunities which are developed in partnership with the Traveller community through consultation, participation and forming strong links between the communities. The support services are located on six halting sites, Ballycragh, Cherryfield, Hazel Hill, Kishogue, Lynch’s Park and St Aidan’s Traveller Centres, and the administration centre in Brookfield Enterprise Centre.

Our Garda Youth Diversion Projects are part supported by the Irish Government and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning 2014-2020. 




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